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Administration Dept.

  1. Board, Commission, and Committee Volunteer Application
  2. Exterior Home Improvement Grant Application

    APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED STARTING AT 8 A.M. ON JANUARY 4. The City is investing $50,000 in its 2020 Exterior Improvement Grant... More…

  3. Sign up for e-Merriam News and Updates

    Subscribe to the City's e-newsletter. NOTE: The City of Merriam does not sell e-mail or contact information to outside parties. If at... More…

  1. Comprehensive Plan Update Advisory Committee Application

    The Comprehensive Plan covers community topics such as demographics and economic trends, housing, future land use planning and... More…

  2. Online Garage Sale Permit Request

    Each person holding a garage sale within the City of Merriam should obtain a permit from the City's Administrative Offices. Permits... More…

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  1. Meeting Planners Request for Proposal
  2. Shop Merriam -- Special Offers!

    Please complete all fields below. If, at any time, you wish to make changes to your offer, please contact the Visitors Bureau at... More…

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