Aikido Yoshinkai

Aikido Yoshinkai 1
New and beginning students. Loosely translated, aikido means "way of harmonious spirit," or "way of unifying (with) life energy." We study harmony basics through physical movements while learning this Japanese art.  "By doing that you can effortlessly realize your own natural self-depending on the situation that is front of you." - Gozo Shioda Sensei
Drop in fee:  $10
Instructor: Rafael Duran (2nd Dan)

Aikido Yoshinkai Mix Level
We're fortunate to have one of the most senior Aikido instructors in the Midwest leading this class. Classes are structured so beginners or experienced martial artists will all have a fulfilling experience. Aikido techniques use the attacker's energy against them and require very little strength to perform, which makes this an effective martial art for everyone.
Drop in fee: $10 
Instructor: Shihan Chambers (6th Dan)

Aikido Yoshinkai 2
Level 1 is a prerequisite. Continuing students develop and refine movement in this modern art based on Japanese self-defense techniques. "To harmonize with the universe means to be in balance. Aiki, i.e., 'harmonizing of energy.' means to lose your own ego; it is the technique of submitting to the natural flow of the universe." - Gozo Shioda Sensei
Drop in fee: $10
Instructor: Rafael Duran (2nd Dan)
To register online click the class you are interested in. You can also register by calling 913-322-5550, or in person at the Irene B. French Community Center (5701 Merriam Drive). Cancelation Hotline: 913-322-5591.
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