Ki Society

At this time due to COVID-19 we are having participants sign up for the whole session of classes and will not be accepting any Drop-in's for classes.

Intro to Ki Society

You're invited to have a new experience. Students will learn the fundamental skills of Ki-Aikido, a samurai-derived martial art, alongside the enlightening practice of guided meditation. Please wear pants and a shirt that are appropriate for mild exercise. 

Instructor: Patchen

The Ki Society

You are invited to enjoy a unique, new experience. The five disciplines of the Ki Society will be introduced, including Ki Breathing, Ki-Meditation, Aikido, Kiatsu, and Bell Meditation. These practices can be life-long, and are fundamental to an awareness of our natural state of being. Please wear pants and a shirt that are suitable for mild exercise. 
Instructor: Montgomery

To register online click the class you are interested in. You can also register by calling 913-322-5550, or in person at the Merriam Community Center (6040 Slater Street). Cancellation Hotline: 913-322-5591.
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