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  1. Tourism Week Image

    Tourism, Then & Now

    This week, Merriam is celebrating National Tourism Week! This annual event is a time for tourism entities across the nation to recognize those who work in this service industry, and to share with others the vital impact of tourism on our local economy. Read more...
  2. IKEA 5,000 Dreams

    IKEA's 5,000 Dreams Program Helps Local Refugees

    Today, IKEA announced the continuation of its “5,000 Dreams” program to help provide beds and bedding to local refugee families in our community, and across the country in 46 other local IKEA markets. 5,000 Dreams Video
  3. Trek the Trail Newsroom Image

    Trekking the Trail

    The sun is shining, you need to reach your daily step count, the dog is all leashed up, and those new sneakers are begging for a few miles. It’s never a better time to hit the Streamway Trail in Merriam. Full blog post...
  4. KC Coffee Trip Image

    KC Coffee Trip - Savor the Sips!

    Become an official coffee ninja with KC Destination's newest trip, the KC Coffee Trip! Sip and savor your way through Kansas City's coffee spots, collect stickers, complete your passport and earn your way to a cool coffee tumbler! #KCCoffeeTrip Learn more...
  5. 2018 Guide

    2018 Visitors Guide

    Request a copy of the 2018 Merriam Community & Visitors Guide! This publication is THE resource to help you find dining, shopping, lodging and attractions in and around Merriam. Click the link below to order or download your guide today. Request a guide...
  6. Tim Murphy Art Gallery

    2018 Art Gallery Schedule

    Merriam Parks and Recreation has announced the 2018 Tim Murphy Art Gallery schedule. Each new exhibit opens the first Thursday of each month from 7-8:30 p.m., except for the art show in February and the 22nd Annual Heartland Artist Exhibition in March. Read on...
  7. Expedia

    Most Tourist-Friendly City in the U.S.

    The phrase home away from home really means something in Merriam, where familial vibes are strong, a warm meal made with love is easy to come by, and community events bring everyone together. Read more about our 'most tourist-friendly designation' here... Read more...
  8. tour merriam

    Tour Merriam

    If you're a group tour planner looking for new and unique tours, come explore Merriam. From instruments to dessert bread, candles to guitar lamps, Merriam has a nice blend of group-friendly tours. Click the link below to learn more and schedule today! Additional Info...
  9. merriam meeting room

    Meet in Merriam

    The meeting room at Meriam Historic Plaza is an ideal location for small to mid-size meetings, trainings or events. With affordable rates, an accessible location and top of the line technology, your next meeting is one click away. Find a Venue...
  10. Pet-Friendly-Merriam

    Pet Friendly Merriam

    In celebration of National Pet Day on April 11th (yes, it’s a thing–the National Calendar at a Glance says so), we thought it fitting to celebrate and share the fur babies in our lives, and educate visitors about Merriam’s plethora of pet-friendly places. Read more...
  11. parks blog update sized.jpg

    Parks & Rec Facilities Master Plan news

    In an effort to keep the community up-to-date on the development of a Parks Facilities Master Plan, there's now a blog dedicated to the issue. Click below to stay informed of this exciting master plan. Go to the most recent post...
  12. BINGO

    Road Trip BINGO

    There's plenty to do with kids in and around Merriam. Stop by Merriam Historic Plaza for your road trip bingo card, then hit the open road in Kansas to discover popular visitor attractions, eateries and more across the state!

    Read on...
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