Posted on: October 26, 2016

Police officers participate in low-light training exercise


Police Officers are constantly training, learning new skills and practicing fundamentals. Recently, Merriam Police Officers participated in a low-light training exercise to become better prepared for situations when light or visibility isn't optimal. Most of Merriam's patrol officers and detectives attended the training.

Low-light situations frequently occur during evening traffic stops, building searches, responding to disturbance calls and more. Specific exercises practiced during the training included call response, building searches, setting up perimeters, decision making, use of force, radio traffic, flashlight techniques (all in low light situations), and various scenario-based training.

Practicing these real-life situations is critical. Many of the calls officers respond to are at night, and in low light situations. Scenario-based training gives officers an opportunity to think about, and train, on situations before they have to handle similar situations in real life.

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