"Art from the Heart" - June 1 - July 1, 2017

June 2 - July 1 
Featuring works by:
Keith Ashcraft
Born in Hillsboro, Kansas on September 1, 1935, I “grew up” in my father’s weekly newspaper shop.  I spent my summers and holidays working on a farm near Hesston, Kansas; hence the love of Kansas landscapes. 

After attending Kansas State College for my freshman year, I volunteered for the draft in order to become eligible for the GI Bill to pay my way through the remainder of college.  While in the army from 1954-56 I decided to heed the suggestion of my freshman biology professor and go for a career in surgery.  I therefore transferred to KU in Lawrence to become a pre-med, majoring in English.

Medical school involved the years from 1959-63.  I had one year of internship in medicine, 4 years of general surgery, and 2 years of pediatric surgery all at KU Hospitals.  One final year of pediatric cardiac surgical training was done in London, England, at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street.

Connie Sager of Huron, SD, and I were married in August of 1957 and will celebrate our 60th anniversary this year.  We have 4 children, 7 grandchildren all of whom are in Kansas City.

I practiced pediatric surgery including cardiac surgery in Kansas City from 1973 until 1999.  My pediatric surgical career ended with retirement from the position of Surgeon-in Chief at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in October of 1999.

I originally began to paint in 1974 under the guidance of Charles Faught, James Barker and Myrtle Masters, three local and very talented artists.  I continue to expand my horizons in watercolors through watercolor workshops in Kansas City from Ken Hosmer, Eric Wiegardt, Frank Francese, Diane Maxey, Lian Zhen, Myrna Wacknov and Joseph Bohler.  Recently I have gotten into oil painting under the tutelage of Marc Weber.

 I offer for sale all but one of the paintings shown on this site.  I would be happy to consider a commission to paint a scene of particular meaning to you

Jhulan Mukharji
I am a self-taught artist, and work mainly in pastels and oils. My work is figurative. I am stimulated by a wide variety of subject matter, and like to express myself with colour. Art is a sensual experience for me and I like to explore its boundaries of light, shape, colour, form, balance, and contrast. Although my work is representational, I do not feel constrained by any sense of photographic accuracy. Over the passage of years, this freedom has found expression in a blending of the figurative with an impressionistic strain. I have little knowledge of what lies ahead, but the journey remains a source of great excitement.

I spent my growing years in India, enjoy travelling, reading, playing a mediocre game of tennis, and have taught and practiced Cardiology in the US for nearly three decades. My wife and I raised our three sons in Kansas City and have lived here since 1987. Our sons are now grown and we look forward to their visits to our home in Prairie Village with much anticipation and joy.

My mother is an accomplished Batik and fabric artist, and painting was an integral part of my formative years in India. Later, I had the privilege of working with Ann Lyne in Richmond during the years I spent teaching at the Medical college of Virginia. Beverly Nichols introduced me to the medium of pastels at the Kansas City Art Institute, and over the years, I have had the good fortune of painting with many talented artists in the Kansas City art community.

I have exhibited at local art shows in Westport, Merriam, Town Centre, Brookside, Prairie Village, Hidden Glen, and Art in the Woods (Corporate Woods). My work has been displayed (single artist) at the Commerce Bank art gallery in the Country Club Plaza, Irene B French art gallery, Images art gallery, R G Endres art gallery Prairie Village, and Surya art gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a member of the Kansas City Artist’s Coalition and the Mid America Pastel Society.