Merriam Aquatic Center Employment Packet


The purpose of this page is to provide directions necessary for completing the next step of the New Hire Employee Process. Your attention to all the details included on this page is imperative to a successful season.

Below is a check list of what is required to be completed. Click on the name of each form to open the document. You can choose to complete the forms electronically and then print or print each form and complete by hand.


If any change is required to the various forms, print the appropriate form and return to Sari Maple, Administration Department Merriam City Hall, 9001 W 62nd Street Merriam, KS 66202 or by Friday, April 13 at 4:00 pm


Print the check list provided to insure you complete all the necessary forms required below and follow directions on page. Bring the completed paperwork and the appropriate identification to Merriam City Hall, 9001 W62nd Street prior to Friday, April 13 at 4:30 pm.  

The law requires all employees to have paperwork completed prior to being able to work. If you do not have your paperwork fully completed, you will NOT be allowed to work.

Employment Forms:

  1. Checklist for NEW employees
  2. Federal W-4 form
  3. Kansas K-4 form
  4. Emergency Contact Information Sheet
  5. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form.
    This form requires specific forms of identification. Identification requirements are one piece from List A OR a combination of one piece from List B and one piece from List C. Please bring these identification pieces with you when turning in your paperwork.
  6. Availability Form for scheduling  purposes and certification documents (if applicable).
  7. Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Drug Screens:

Utilizing Validity Screening Solutions, employees will receive an email titled "Aquatic Employment Screen Information" once their paperwork is completed and entered into the system.  Employees will have 7 days to the complete the drug screen from the date the email was sent.  The location for completing the screen will be chosen based on the zip code provided in the application process.  

Background Checks:

As part of the application process, authorization was granted to complete a background check during the employment screen process.  This check will be initiated upon receipt of employment forms if the prospective employee is 18 or older. 

Red Cross Certification:

If you are planning on attending a Red Cross Certification course prior to the 2018 season, please make sure this certification will also include Waterpark Certification. If you have questions or need information regarding your certification, please email Pool Supervisor Jeinny Morris or Pool Manager Amy McClure.

Mandatory Training Dates:

Various positions have mandatory training prior to the opening day of the pool on Sunday, May 27th. Please check this document for additional information. Failure to attend necessary training could result in termination.

Employee Handbook:

To view an electronic copy of the Merriam Aquatic Center Employee Handbook, click here.


If you have any questions, please email  Amy McClure or call 913-209-9877; or call Kesone Bouvilom at 913-322-5500 regarding any of the employment forms.